What are Vertical Blinds ??

Vertical blinds move side to side, whereas horizontal blinds, such as wood or metal Venetians, move up and down. Every single vertical louvre is suspended from a headrail, connected by a chain at the bottom. To control them, a rope or wand is positioned at one side. Vertical blinds create an impression of height and spaciousness and let in an abundance of natural light while preserving your privacy. They are a great option for large windows such as bays or wide sliding patio doors. When they are open, they stack to the side to provide an entirely open window for light to enter and, when desired, an unhindered view of the outside world.

What of Vertical blinds made of ?

We provide a wide selection of textiles for our vertical blinds, including gorgeous plains and textures. In addition to their fashionable appearance, several of these materials have unique qualities that help address the various issues that windows can cause.

Our fabrics with dim-out and glare reduction capabilities let you better control harsh sunlight, which is especially helpful in living areas, bedrooms, and home offices. You can select wipeable and moisture-resistant finishes for bathrooms and kitchens, such as our PVC Vertical blinds.


  • Easily tilt the slats to let in a little sunlight or close them fully to create a cozy, private space for a versatile control.
  • Perfect for covering huge windows, sliding glass doors, or even serving as room dividers: They may be made extremely wide.
  • Styles that go with any type of decor: Select from an extensive assortment of materials, hues, and patterns. There is a style to fit your preferences, whether you like a more classic or sleek, modern appearance.
  • Simple to clean: These blinds are a sensible option for busy homes because they require little upkeep and are simple to clean.
  • Optional cord or wand operation: This gives you more freedom in terms of controlling and adjusting the blinds.


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