The cloth drapes or shades that cover your windows are called blackout curtains. They obstruct streetlights, sunshine, and artificial light from passing vehicles, among other sources. Compared to blinds, which frequently have gaps that let light in, these shades can offer an additional layer of protection.

Blackout blinds, shades, and curtains all lower energy expenses by limiting the amount of UV and sunlight that enters the space. Furthermore, they shield flooring and furniture from fading and sun damage, adding to the high-end products’ durability.

With time, room-darkening curtain fabrics have evolved from the stiff, plastic-like polyester you typically associate with hotel curtains to softer, less static-prone varieties.

Use blackout curtains, shades, or blinds in spaces that receive a lot of light (such media rooms or home theaters), and in rooms that receive the least amount of light (be sure to draw them during the hottest portions of the day).

Although blackout blinds, shades, and curtains cost more than non-blackout

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